Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trimming the Tree

Rock got the honor of hanging the first ornament on the Christmas tree.
A gift from Rock's Great Aunt Valeta, it's a miniature Fred Flintstone ornament with the words "YOU ROCK" in 'stone.' She got matching ornaments for Rock and my dad.
Then Fix hung Rock from the tree.

Corny Fix

Leave it to Iowa to finally make some corn that Fix can eat. If you didn't know already, Fix is allergic to corn. That includes cornstarch, cornmeal and corn syrup. It's in a LOT of stuff, but thankfully not in this yummy cheese that my dad bought for Fix on a recent business trip.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Picking a Christmas Tree

Rock didn't quite know what to make of Christmas tree shopping.
So he started crying.
Not that I blame him -- it was about 10 degrees outside. The tree that we ended up with is not the best I've ever seen, but it's not bad for a whirlwind-my-eyeballs-are-going-to-freeze-if-we-don't-pick-one-soon-tree-shopping excursion. And it was a good chance to teach Rock about the true meaning of Christmas... Via this vinyl Santa Claus.

Growing in December

A lot of things have happened in December. In fact, we've had so much going on, I haven't had much time to blog. As always, Rock has done a lot of growing.
And a lot of drooling...
And a lot of hand-munching...
And a lot of staring...

And of course, a lot of sleeping. Appreciate his LONG eyelashes! I don't know where he got those from but they sure are adorable.