Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cronkhite Baby Shower!

Joanna is one of my bestest friends from back in the day when I spent a lot of time at youth group. Although she was not the first to introduce us, she was the first to suggest that Fix and I would make a great pair. Her husband Isaac is one of Fix's best friends so we try our best to stay in touch even though they are now living in Boston.
I was so glad that her niece Meg (and many other people not pictured here) threw her a kickin' shower here in Maryland so I could attend.
There was a fun game where we guessed and then learned all about Baby Cronkhite's genetic make-up. I lost (this and all the other games) miserably.
Then, while Joanna opened her awesome gifts...
I sat on the couch and caught up with Alisha and Anna (two more of my bestest friends from Wallace).
The shirt Alisha got for Baby Cronkhite reads "Beetles never go rollerskating without earmuffs." Love it.
Joanna and Isaac made these adorable and YUMMY cakes for the shower. First, we shower mommy...
Then Baby Cronkhite will enjoy the goodies.
Almost all of Joanna's sisters were in attendance, including Martha...
And Debbie. See the diaper cake in the background? I made that! See the rest of my gifts for Baby Cronkhite here.
Four out of the five of us (we missed you Annie!)... Although we look sweet, we caused a lot of mischief in our day.

Friday, February 27, 2009

An Apple a Day

If the old saying is true, Rock will be keeping the doctor away. He loves to eat apples these days and clearly pronounces the word "AP-PULL!" whenever he's hungry.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


We were so happy to watch Violet and Linus the other day.
Not happy enough to smile, but happy nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last Monday, for a belated Valentine's Day celebration, Fix and I dropped Rock off with his parents and went out to lunch. In case you can't read the sign, the name of the restaurant is The Old Brogue and it is the scene of one of our first dates. We highly recommend the Guinness-battered Fish-n-Chips.
Fix is pretending to be an Old Brogue. Seeing as he's already 30, it's not that hard.
Then we headed down to the National Gallery and thoroughly enjoyed the light show in the tunnel connecting the East and West wings.
It's only going to be around for a limited time so get down there soon!
After exploring the museums, we went out to dinner at a restaurant fancy enough that I didn't feel comfortable taking a bunch of pictures. It was a nice break from the norm -- thank you Fix for planning a great day. I love you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We recently took Rock into the doctors office to get a shot. I'm not naming any names 'cause I don't want to get his father in trouble, but someone said that Rock looked like the troll in the doctor's office.
For the record he didn't cry when he got the shot. In fact he hardly flinched. Whatta stud.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Someone at our house is DESPERATELY anticipating Spring.
Okay, we are all desperately anticipating Spring, but Rock is especially anxious for more time outside. Every day he points out the double doors in our dining room and says "'Side! 'Side! 'Side!"
Although it is still very cold, I occasionally indulge the boy and he is thrilled to have some time riding around the neighborhood on his tricycle or in his car.
He brings the lint roller outside to make sure no stray fuzzies have landed on his car.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Being swaddled is fun...
Unless there is a sternum crushing boy in the area.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia is 2!!!
As always, the Colemans celebrated in style. Here the birthday girl poses with her daddy.
Rock was very excited to see Ollie -- Sophia's dog.
We were excited that Ollie was on the other side of the glass door for most of the party.
This meant that Rock could focus on his first love, books....
And his second love, pushing things. He spent most of the party being anti-social and methodically pushing Sophia's shopping cart and carriage back and forth between the two rooms.
Here Molly and Sophia pose for a cousin shot. At least, this is what they thought I meant by "smile for a picture." Close enough.
Baby Annabelle was too cute!
Same goes for Sophia's cousin Oliver. Thanks again Dave and Natalie!
p.s. If you wanna see what I made Sophia for her birthday, check out my latest Design Fix post.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The night before my birthday, I intentionally put Rock in funny looking pajamas so I could laugh first thing in the morning.It worked.Fix made me a lovely bouquet of flowers and a yummy breakfast. Complete with coffee (a rarity now that Susi isn't fulfilling our Starbucks needs), pancakes, and the "You are special today" plate (a Brockman family tradition).
Then Rock helped me unwrap a few gifts. I am wearing my new necklace in the background of the shot above.
Oh and Brandon helped us while we got Rock dressed for the day. He went to hang out with Grandma Cokie while Fix and I went out for a little kid-free time downtown.
We were delighted to run into Abraham Lincoln on the way to the Portrait Gallery! He and I share a birthday. He was 200, I was 29. It was a big year for us.
Actually, the reason we went to the Portrait Gallery was to see an exhibit on Abe. He was kind enough to take a picture with me. Appreciate how we both have kinda messy, unstyled hair.
I ate some lunch in the courtyard...
while Fix took shots of the awesome glass ceiling.
Cool, no?
After hanging out for a little, I went to John, my hairstylist, to deal with my nasty, unstylish hair.
Once again, he worked a miracle!
Goodbye ducktail! Hello style!
Then Fix took some cool shots of our old haunts...
And fun DC architecture.
The sky was really that blue! Beautiful!
And the wind was really blowing that much! Freezing!
For dinner, we went to one of my favorite local restaurants.
There were a lot of weird people there that night...
And we were lucky enough to have them at our table. Thanks family for coming out to dinner!
Once again, Carb Boy enjoyed the bread.
While I enjoyed being with my two favorite Rocks.
What better way to end your birthday than with your favorite dessert? In my case, this is tiramisu. Delicious.