Friday, August 29, 2008


I got a little overeager in rolling up our screen (that pulls down from the ceiling in our living room so we can watch movies on our projector) the other day. When I released my hand, it went flying up to the ceiling, came off the right hook and swung down into the wall.
Creating this nasty hole. It's only about 4 inches wide but nonetheless it's just one more project to add to the list. One of the many joys of owning a home -- we have to repair what we mess up on our own.


A few months after harrassing Oliver's cousin Sophia, Rock decided to poke another Coleman baby... with a very similar result. If Oliver could have crawled away, he would have. Instead I had to separate them.


We were tired of hearing whining.
And seeing scowling faces like this one.
So we taught Rock how to sign "Please."
Yes, he still whines. And scowls. But he also signs "Please" and that cuts down on some of whining and scowling and so we are happy with that. Here's the video proof which also showcases some of Rock's dance moves.

Kip and Amy

On August 16th, I was privileged to attend a wedding with one gorgeous Justice of the Peace as my date.
That's right folks, Fix officiated his first wedding for Kip and Amy.
Here the stylish Buchanan's walk their beautiful daughter down the aisle. Appreciate how I managed to capture both of my parents heads in this picture.
Cutting the cake. Trust me. There really is cake behind the head of the beautiful blonde.
And a picture of the happy couple! Oh wait, that's my parents. They are happy but they are not the happy couple of the day.
Here they are! Kip and Amy, thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parental Error

As inexperienced, first time parents we have chosen to not read any of the "how-to-raise-your-children-well" and "this-is-what-they-should-be-doing-at-this-age" books that might you know, actually help us raise our child well and tell us what he should be able to do at his age. Up until recently this has been a good idea and has kept us from being neurotic over whether or not he's meeting the correct milestones when he 'should.'
HOWEVER, perhaps we should grab a few of these books from off our shelf and crack them open. Perhaps then we'd be able to avoid scenes like this one: Not knowing anything about anything, we thought that perhaps he was no longer interested in his baby food because he was tired of us feeding it to him and ready to feed it to himself.
We were wrong. He was mostly just ready to smear it all over himself. Alas, lesson learned.
Oh and could someone tell me if there is a book to train your child not to make this face? I keep telling Rock that this isn't a good look for him, but he doesn't listen.

Because I've Got So Much Free Time...

I started another blog. This one will be chronicling my successes (if any?) and failures (I predict many!) in all things design. There is a major event coming up soon that will bring some design attention my way so I thought it would be best if the attention goes to a blog that's not about my family.

And by major event, I mean major for me and I don't get out much. Anyway, click here to check out the new blog.

I included this picture because no post is complete without a good awkard shot of me and my hubby. Yes, it's a few years old so no, I didn't cut my hair.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The best part about visiting Florida was seeing Rock's aunts.
Here he is clapping with Bethany (and already smothering his cousin).
Although he looks contemplative here, Rock really did like seeing Aunt Sarah again.Although, the Aunts don't hold a candle to Renzo. Kelly and Bethany's dog was so fascinating that Rock was saying "Dah!" (which I think means dog?) over and over by the time we left.
Wherever Renzo went....
Rock was quick to follow. Based on the endless patience he showed, I think Renzo is going to be a great 'best friend' for Baby Barnett.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Veggie Tray

Did you guys notice the veggie tray in that last post?
Yes, my sister Sarah created a masterpiece. If she was any Olympian, her sport would be Veggie-Alignment.
And she thought I was joking when I said there would be a post about this.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bethany's Sweet Pea

Last weekend we went to Florida to attend a shower for Bethany and Baby Barnett. The shower was held at the home of Bethany's good friend Wendy.
Unfortunately, it was so hot that the balloons outside kept popping. Which sounded like gunshots.
A picture of Bethany with all the hostesses. Okay, so Wendy did most of the work, but we helped brainstorm! I thought it was particularly kind of her to paint her dining room to match the sweet-pea pink-and-green theme.
The fabulous spread.
Do you think the cake decorator thought we wouldn't notice that the "s" in Showers was in a different color?
My contributions were as follows: To the decor, I contributed the all-important Diaper Cake. And as a part of her gift, I made Baby Barnett some baby blankets out of the same lightweight material that Rock loved.
Jessie is a trivia master. She put together one awesome trivia game full of general baby knowledge, Gator football facts, celebrity baby names (Susanna ROCKED this section), and Full House (yes, the TV show) questions. Bethany's team won, but I guess that's to be expected.
Rock enjoyed the trivia game because it meant that there were PLENTY of reach-extenders (aka pens) for him to play with.
Bethany, Baby Barnett, and her grandmothers.
And of course, the sister shot. Instead of birth order, we went with a black-red-black-red line-up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Rock has been saying a lot of things like "Papa," "Mama," "Uh-oh," etc. But, we haven't been quite sure if he's truly understood what he's saying. It seems that for him "Papa" means "pick me up" and "Mama" means "I'm hungry, feed me." But recently Rock learned a new word and he really knows what it means. BALL. He may not fully pronounce the L's and sometimes he pronounces it "A-ba" but he knows what he means when he says it and thus, we are officially considering it his first word.

Here is a (long) video of him trying to throw around the ball while Fix and Oliver watch and encourage. My apologies that he house is in total disarray -- we were watching all three of the Coleman grandchildren that evening. And thank you to Cousin Caleb and his parents for the fun ROCKET SCIENTIST shirt Rock is wearing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crack for Babies?

Because of our family history with allergies, we haven't given Rock any corn, wheat, dairy, sugar, etc. But don't feel too sorry for the boy. He has found something far greater than any of those things. That's right folks, it's freeze-dried fruit.
Bananas, pineapples, apples and strawberries, he cannot get enough. He loves feeding himself almost as much as I love seeing him put the majority of his chubby hand into his mouth.
Occasionally he forgoes his hands and dives face first into the fruit. He's so addicted to these little morsels that I have begun to call them Baby Crack.
Here he is indulging in a little Baby Crack on the way to Uncle Jason and Auntie H's apartment.When I pulled out the container in the car, this was the response I got. His grin was equally wide for each and every piece. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Whatever Dad's Doing

Rock looks up to his dad.
If dad's in the kitchen, Rock wants to be in the kitchen.
If dad's typing at his computer, Rock wants to help with that too.
If Dad is watching the men repave our street, Rock wants to watch too. Okay, so actually it was Rock who was into this, Dad tagged along to help him get a better view.

The repaving also brought out the rest of the little boys and girls on our street.


I tried to take a picture of Rock and Linus at church the other night.

But Rock wasn't into it.At least I got a cute one of Linus.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS since I graduated from high school?
Thankfully, I had the world's cutest hubby to come as my date to my 10-year high school reunion.
It was so lovely to see people from the class of 1998 and catch up on their lives.
Me and Allison.
Bridget still makes me laugh.
Anika and Nandi and I have been friends since elementary school. So fun to see them again.
Fun with Phoung.
GO RAIDERS! Yes, this is the best shot I got of the cheerleaders in attendance. I am incredibly sad that Laura is not in this one. It is thanks to her and the other volunteers that this fun night ran so smoothly. It was an awesome night.