Saturday, October 30, 2010

L is for Louisa

I think it's a shame that these adorable bloomers (from Juju) are usually hidden underneath Louisa's skirts.
So cute.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diaper Free = Dinoco Set

So I made a promise to my sister Zuni that I wouldn't post any potty training pictures of Rock sitting on the potty. But I must report that two days before he turned 3, Rock got serious about potty training.
And now, about a month later, I'd like to report with pride that Rock has (pretty much!) mastered the art of not needing a diaper.
As a motivation to get this boy to a diaper-free state, we made an Accident-Free Chart to track his progress. 5 Days with No Accidents = THE DINOCO SET!!!
Hard to describe the true elation he experienced upon opening this box!
And even harder to describe our pride in how far he's come! We are so proud of our little boy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Seems like just yesterday, I was holding a super chunky one month old baby boy in front of a large fake pumpkin.
Now the pumpkin outfit is gone and he's a big three year old boy and he can stand on his own in front of a large fake pumpkin!
This year we went back to Queen Anne Farm for a little pumpkin picking. I thought we weren't going to make it, but at the last minute, we were able to join the Rohals, Saladas and McGoverns on their visit to the farm.
Rock enjoyed seeing Zeke (left) and Zack (right) as much as he enjoyed the sheep (not pictured).
Perhaps the sheep are related to Fix?
And everyone had fun rolling down the hill by the sunflower field. But again, since we were late in joining the party, everyone else left shortly after we got there. Louisa, Rock and I stuck around to eat our lunch and explore a bit more.
This picture would be even cuter if her shirt didn't make her look like a linebacker.
I love how he helps her explore the world!
Louisa has mastered the art of "not-being-happy-unless-Mom's-holding-me."
So I took Rock's picture...
While holding Louisa close.Who needs friends when you've got a three year old to take your picture? Rock's getting pretty good!

Friday, October 22, 2010

We Love Linus

While Louisa napped in her stroller...
Rock spent some quality time at the park with his buddy Linus!
Good thing they wore different colored outfits so I could tell them apart!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Ops

Which is your favorite?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Festival

It's Fall, Y'all!
We welcomed this fabulous Fall season with the Coleman families at Patuxent Gardens.
Rock was totally stoked to ride a pony all by himself until a family in front of us tried to put their baby girl on one and she freaked out. He then decided that ponies are scary (even this sweetie named Princess) so we rode together. Not that I'm complaining about getting to ride, I just wish he was braver! He was equally traumatized by the moon bounce fun house.
On the other hand, the Fall-themed photo-op paintings were a big hit.**
While the kids explored, the dad's chatted.
Natalie tested her strength by holding Louisa for most of the morning.
And while her arms were full and Dave was distracted, my husband (in the background above) and I both documented her son Jack as he licked the picnic tables. Nicer friends would have stopped him, but we were too busy laughing.
After the scary horses and the trauma of the moon bounce, Rock decided to be a loner and read his Chick-Fil-A comic book by himself.
All the kids got to pick out a free pumpkin...
And most of them were sporting face paint by the time we left. It seems minor, but this was actually a feat of bravery for Rock. There was a time when he would have run from such a threatening scenario. So, if you are keeping track, that's no to solo pony rides or moon bounce houses, yes to photo-ops and face painting.
We finished the day back at the Fix casa, with a little t-ball for the kids (not pictured), Bocce ball for the grown-ups, and pizza for all! Good times.
**See the next post for more of these pictures!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Babies Love NY!

It's about time I did a compare-the-babies post.
Remember this cute (well, despite the droopy eye in this picture) 6 month old boy? He was sporting the I Heart NY shirt from Annie and Nick on his 6 month birthday.
Louisa is a little over 6 months, but she's rockin' the same cool onesie!
Rock started drooling at 3 months old, and by the time he took this picture, he had two teeth to show for his efforts.
Louisa's started drooling even earlier, but she's still all gums!
and Confused.
So what do you think? Do they look like siblings? Do you prefer Louisa's chubby cheeks or Rock's big eyes? I love every bit of both of these cuties...
But, sorry Rock, Louisa wins "Best Accessories" every time!

Friday, October 15, 2010


On Saturday October 9th, we went to the Open House at the Bowie Fire Department around the corner from our house.
First stop was a Stop Drop and Roll station where Rock earned...
His own Fire Chief helmet!
Next stop? Why to see the Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse, of course! Rock gave him a very long hug and we got two free kids meal tokens! Awesome!
Oh and the Armadillo also gave him his own camera.
He got a lot of good shots after that.
Dad dug the fireman stickers...
But the highlight of the day was riding in the front seat of the fire engine! So fun! And yes I elbowed my husband out of the way and threw Louisa into his arms so I could ride with Rock. Sorry hon -- you can ride with him next year.
Another highlight was watching the firemen put out a real fire! Although we were a good 50 yards back, it was still REALLY hot!
If only they could have tapped in to the continual fountain of drool coming from this baby girl... that fire would have been out before it started!
Thank you Company 39 for putting together such a fun and informative event -- and for all the sacrifices you make for our safety!