Friday, September 30, 2011


Our doctor's office has a bunch of bulletin boards in the waiting room with pictures of all of the happy patients. When Lou and I were waiting for her recent check-up she kept saying "RAH! RAH! RAH!" (which is Louisa for "ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!"). I couldn't figure out why she was calling her brother who wasn't there. Then she pointed at this kid. Not a dead-ringer, but I see it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Outback Celebration

When Rocket and Juju got back into town, they took us out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse for Rock's birthday.
Rock LOVED the birthday dessert!
Lou loved the sweet potato fries! Poor girl still can't eat dairy. But she's happy nonetheless.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jessica Herrin

This Fall, Jessica Herrin, the founder and CEO of Stella & Dot, came to DC for a morning conference with the local stylists. It was so much fun to meet her and get some good training. I wore my nametag for the photo so you'd be sure it was really me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soccertots with Linus

Rock was SO excited that Linus decided to join him at Soccertots this Fall. I was so excited to have more time to sit and chat with his mom, Nancy. They are now looking forward to the next session: LACROSSE KIDS!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rock's Birthday "Party"

I think the pictures I am most sad about losing are the ones from Rock's birthday. But at least we still have two videos from his big day to help remember. Those of you who know how much I like to throw a big party for a birthday may be surprised to learn that Rock had no such party this year. His birthday fell on a Sunday and since we believe that Sunday is about worshiping God, not celebrating us, we decided to keep his big day pretty low-key.

We invited over Nancy Salada and her kids (because she had rescued me earlier in the week when Louisa the kleptomaniac stole my keys out of my purse and lost them and because Nancy's husband was away in PA taking care of his mother who had just had surgery) and Nana and Papa and Susi (my parents were out of town helping Addy celebrate her birthday). All of these guests were sweet enough to bring Rock a gift or two and I made him some cupcakes with the cinnamon icing that he loves. But I wasn't thinking of this as his party.

Well, after Sept. 18th was said and done, Rock kept talking about how much fun he had at his party and how many many presents he had gotten (about 5). So I decided, what the heck, I'm pregnant and he's happy. We'll call it a day. A birthday that is. If you were bummed that you weren't invited, please feel free to watch these (somewhat lengthy) videos and experience the magic.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


After waiting for what seems like forever, Bethany and Kelly's new baby girl is here! Meet Miss Carys Eliza Brockman Barnett. And her birthday is SO COOL - 9/10/11!!! We can't wait to hold her come Christmastime!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Beach Fix

I'm not sure why I took a picture of the list of things I had to get done before we went to the beach with the Fix family. But I'm glad that I did because it is the ONLY photographic documentation I now have of the trip.
So you'll have to believe me when I say that we had a great time on our beach trip with the Fixes. Highlights included:

Having the whole Fix clan together, including the Zerfosses who flew in from Seattle.
Staying in a lovely house with lots of porch space and a pool and hot tub.
A very loud alarm to alert you if kids were going out to the pool.
A bunch of bugs - they could stand to find a new exterminator for said lovely house.
Lots of yummy meals with no dairy, corn, wheat, garlic or soy - There are LOTS of allergies in this family but thankfully there are lots of good cooks too!
Lots of tennis watching!
An anniversary dinner for John and Kerry at a local seafood place.
A birthday dinner complete with a Mater fire truck hat from the Mater card Rock picked out for his dad and two yummy chocolate cakes made by Aunt Susi.
Lots of help from the family with Rock and Lou when Fix had to go back early to go to class.
Lots of lazy time.
A girls coffee break with Auntie H, Aunt Susi, Nana Kerry, and Little Lou.
Lots of Playmobil time for Rock and Caleb.
A puppet show all about Blackbeard the pirate who had also been to Corolla, NC>

It was all delightful. I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fix's Birthday Date

Since we were going to be at the beach on Fix's actual birthday, I took him out to dinner the weekend before he turned 33. We went out to dinner at H-e-double-hockey-sticks Point in Annapolis. Okay it's not called H-e-double-hockey-sticks but I'm not going to write Hell. Double dang. We are still working on taking a decent picture of the two of us with my iPhone.
It was a lovely evening just the two of us.
After I gave him a new pair of Rainbow flip-flops (which I knew he would want for the beach week ahead), Fix could look toward his future with hope. At least I think that's what he's doing here.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

Fix started a doctorate program in Ancient Near East Languages with the Semitics Department at CUA. Good thing we'll be having a new baby soon 'cause I'm sure adding full-time school to his work schedule will leave him tons of free time. Anyway, Rock has been learning how to write so he made a sign for Dad's first day of school. It says "Have Fun" and I wrote "at school." Don't believe me? Watch this:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mall Happenings

Louisa is now big enough to really enjoy playing in the mall playground(s).
Rock was more than a little peeved that this boy wanted to be his friend and be in this photo.
But (after a talk about being kind to people even if we aren't feeling like making new friends) he soon cheered up.
That is, until after Story Hour when we saw this HORRIFIC SITE! Chick Fil-A is boarded up?!?!?! Thankfully, while we were eating lunch (from an inferior establishment), someone came by and put a sign up that they are merely remodeling this site, not closing it! It should be open again come November. I hope we can make it that long.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I took this picture in July,but on August 23rd, I was at Annapolis Mall with my mom and my two kids, enjoying the new play area pictured above. All of a sudden the building started shaking. The little rings around the inset lighting started falling out of the ceiling. People started running. Juju grabbed her Chick Fil-A Coke so hard she popped a hole in the side. I grabbed my children so fast we almost forgot Rock's flip flops.
We ran down an employee hallway through the emergency exit door and out of the mall. Everyone else was gathered outside and we quickly learned that we had just lived through an earthquake. Perhaps it was because I am pregnant and tired, but it really shook me up. Everyone was okay, but Rock had plaster in his hair from the ceiling above the play area! I thought I was done with those things after I left San Diego. Crazy times.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


You all know about Rock's first girlfriend Becky.
Well, she went and found herself another boyfriend, Matt.
And then he gave her this.
And we were all there to celebrate right afterwards! SO SO SO SO SO happy for them! And SO SO SO SO SO SO excited that she asked me to be a bridesmaid and Matt asked Fix to be a groomsman! And although Matt is taking away his first love, Rock has still agreed to be the ringbearer. I think I might die when I see him in a tux.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pics from Papa

These are some random pictures from Papa John's cell phone... This first one is Rock sporting his VBS sailor hat.
Louisa sporting a hat of her own.
Someone's looking preggo!
Enjoying the new swing on Nana and Papa's back porch.
Pretty in pink.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The King of Sprinkles

... Or so he called himself.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I took this picture to show Fix just how cool he looks in goggles. Agreed?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marta and Jono got Hitched!

They did it! Marta is now Mrs. Jono Wilcox! Okay so his given name isn't Jono, it's Jonathan and he has like seven middle names 'cause he is a Brit, but whatever.
We were encouraged to wear hats, but I didn't have time to buy one. So I used my S&D brooch to make a little hair embellishment.
Lisa was TOTALLY rocking in her hat. I was jealous. Notice the hand-on-the-belly-I'm-not-fat-I'm-pregnant pose I'm sporting.
Marta was a breathtaking bride...
This star pin has been worn by brides in her family for several generations. So cool.
While there was no official bouquet toss, Jonathan was happy to be given the bridal bouquet to use as a boutonniere.After a tea and cookies (and fruit and yummy savory things) reception, the couple dashed off to an unknown location for a few hours...
And then we all gathered again in the awesome tent for some awesome cake. Oh and an awesome dinner reception. Right Jonathan?
Apparently when the two receptions are so far apart, you are supposed to change? Lisa lost her hat and I donned the new (to me) preggo dress that my sister Sarah gave me.
Congratulations Marta and Jono! May God bless you with many happy years together!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Marta and Jono had a Rehearsal Dinner!

I've known Marta for her entire life. She is one of the youngest (Peter's younger, right?) kids in our Summer Fellowship group. She is too much fun. And she recently found herself a handsome British chap named Jono to marry.
Okay so you'll have to trust me here -- he's handsome. He is also too much fun. I was so excited to be able to attend their wedding (thanks Juju and Rocket for buying my ticket and Nana and Papa for helping Fix watch the wee ones!) in St. Louis on August 6th.
The night before the big day we all gathered in this awesome tent (which completely transformed the Douglass' driveway) for some....
REALLY yummy food...
Lots of witty banter with the Hudgens...
A few tears over the touching moments of our lives...
And a romping Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-leigh"), aka Irish (or was it Scottish?) square dancing. It was too much fun.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mothership Beer

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know about my husband Fix and his 5 best buds and how they call themselves The Mothership (this pic is of the Mothership Thanksgiving celebration in 2009). It's a long story. So imagine my delight when I saw this gem of a beer at Marta and Jono's rehearsal dinner (see the next posts for more pics from the wedding)!
The label was witty and the taste was...
Well, you'll have to ask Juju. I am pregnant so I told her she'd have to sample it and tell me how it tasted. Too bad my mom doesn't drink so the bottle isn't even touching her lips in this picture. After I took it (and promptly attached it to her contact name in my phone so it comes up whenever she calls me!), I took a sip of the beer for myself. It was pretty tasty!