Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 4th!

On the 4th of July, we went to Papa John and Nana Kerry's house. We thought it would be wise to wait until Rock was completely exhausted before we took a few pictures.
Auntie H with her niece whose name I cannot remember.
Aunt Elizabeth
YAY! The Smallmans were here for the 4th! Will, Christel and Little G (Geneva) were the perfect addition to our Independence Day festivities.

Although we skipped the fireworks for the sake of the babies, it was fun to be with friends and family!

JUNE UPDATE: Fix Beach Trip

Right after the beach week with my family, we headed just a bit north to the Outer Banks to relax in style with the Fix family.

Rock shows his dad how to chew on Mom's sunglasses.

I bet you didn't know that Rock is already well on his way to a career as a Rock Star!
He's in a band with his Cousin Caleb.
They like to use Fix's hair product and rock out.
Rock loved using the hose to refill the pool.
This was a super cool way to extend his reach.
Caleb getting ready to dive in.
Notice how Rock has a toy drumstick in his hand. He found this with one of the toy drums in the beach house living room. I don't think he ever voluntarily put it down. It was also an excellent tool to extend his reach.
You have to make a lot of crazy faces...
To get a boy to smile just right with his grandparents.
Practicing walking on the beach with dad.
Rock is on a mission to walk alone. Of course he bursts into tears if you even think of letting go of one of his hands.
Rock was jealous that he didn't have his own pair of sunglasses like Caleb. What he forgets is that Grandma Cokie gave him a pair, but they were too small for his big head.
After all that beach and pool time, the boys had a lot of fun getting clean.
Two of my favorite summer words: CRAB FEAST! Fix is a pro at cooking the live ones!
The three most devoted crab eaters: Uncle Joseph, Fix and Rachel. Papa John (not pictured) helped make a dent in the pile o' crabs.
If you take a picture on vacation with a copy of our local newspaper and send it in to them, they'll publish it! This also happens to be our best family shot from the beach week with the Fix family.
Rock really loves the beach!
The boys with the Nana Kerry in the "Beware of Shark" outfits she bought them.
My best shot of the two of them. Seriously.
This a picture on the way home when we stopped at Cracker Barrel. It is significant in that it is the first time Rock used crayons. Woohoo!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

JUNE UPDATE: Fellowship Beach Week

For the past 31 years, my family has gone on vacation with the same group of families. Although I have gone to 27 of the 28 vacations that have occurred during my lifetime, Rock had never been before.
He was a VERY good boy in the car on the long ride down to South Carolina!

Once we arrived, we lathered him up and hit the beach. This smattering of chairs, toys, umbrellas, towels and people has been a welcome sight for many years. It symbolizes the relaxing vacation I dream about for the rest of the year.

It is always a treat to catch up on the beach and (in the case of Fix and Marta) discuss a little theology.
Rock loved the sand... so much he ate it.
McCrary also made her beach debut with her Nana.
Playing with Aunt Zuni.
Check out that belly!
Bathing Beauties: Marta, Rock, Aunt Susanna, Mom, Elizabeth and McCrary
Father and son.
Stella. Just one of the crazy kiddos.
Copeland, Jay, Aiden, George, Sophie and of course, Nick make up the rest of the crazy kiddos in the "3rd Generation." Okay, Nick is in the 2nd Generation.
A bunch of the "2nd Generation" hanging out.
Although Rock isn't smiling, I'm glad Annie captured this cute family picture for us.

JUNE UPDATE: A Blurry Wedding

Before we left for the beach, we went to Janet and Gavin's wedding. It was a really fun, beautiful affair. I probably should have used the "Sports/Action" mode on my camera for the reception because every single picture I took was blurry.
Here's a blurry shot of the bride and groom.
A blurry shot of the father-daughter dance.Blurry bouquet toss.
Blurry shot of Patty and Rock dancing.
This is the bridesmaids dress that I wore for my sister Bethany's wedding. Janet and Gavin's wedding was on Bethany and Kelly's 5 year anniversary so I thought it was only fitting to wear my bridesmaids dress in their honor.
These are a few of the girls from my Junior High Bible study. They are such wonderful little ladies. We had a great time learning the dance to Cotton Eyed Joe and trying to do the moves to Thriller.

Friday, July 25, 2008

JUNE UPDATE: Papa and Mama

In June, Rock began working on a few new words. Because Rock prefers to say "Dada" "Papa" and "Baba" over "Mama," Fix started to refer to himself as "Dada" "Papa" and "Baba." Basically, anything Rock says besides "Mama" means that he is calling Fix. I'm sure Fix will soon be calling himself "Uh-oh" as Rock has lately begun to master that all important phrase.

p.s. Appreciate that he still has the flag in his hand.


Someone was getting dirty so I had to throw him in the with the dirty laundry. Notice he still has the flag from Flag day in his hand.


Someone also got a grill for Father's Day. It was a part-Father's-Day-part-belated-moving-into-your-new-home-gift from Mommarama and the Rocket. Thus far, it has performed MARVELOUSLY and we've enjoyed several yummy grilled dishes. Thanks Mommarama and Rocket.

JUNE UPDATE: Watermelon

Someone has been exploring finger foods.
Notice I didn't say EATING finger foods.