Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Natural History

After we got the kids in their new carseats, we headed down to the National Mall for a little Monday Funday fun.
This new (to us at least) tree sculpture in the Sculpture Garden is super cool. While Rock posed for this picture...
Louisa chilled in the stroller and a bunch of random tourists took Rock's picture too.
Inside the Natural History museum, we saw lots of cool animals and bones. Rock requested a pic with the penguin.
I requested a pic of the boys and Louisa by the hippo. Louisa was too busy eating food off the floor (or getting into some other sort of mischief) to pose.
I requested the picture 'cause I wanted to see how much Rock has changed since the last time we were there. In October 2009, he was a lot littler. And blonder!
After the Museum, Rock and I rode on the carousel. He picked the coolest horse by far.

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