Monday, September 19, 2011

Rock's Birthday "Party"

I think the pictures I am most sad about losing are the ones from Rock's birthday. But at least we still have two videos from his big day to help remember. Those of you who know how much I like to throw a big party for a birthday may be surprised to learn that Rock had no such party this year. His birthday fell on a Sunday and since we believe that Sunday is about worshiping God, not celebrating us, we decided to keep his big day pretty low-key.

We invited over Nancy Salada and her kids (because she had rescued me earlier in the week when Louisa the kleptomaniac stole my keys out of my purse and lost them and because Nancy's husband was away in PA taking care of his mother who had just had surgery) and Nana and Papa and Susi (my parents were out of town helping Addy celebrate her birthday). All of these guests were sweet enough to bring Rock a gift or two and I made him some cupcakes with the cinnamon icing that he loves. But I wasn't thinking of this as his party.

Well, after Sept. 18th was said and done, Rock kept talking about how much fun he had at his party and how many many presents he had gotten (about 5). So I decided, what the heck, I'm pregnant and he's happy. We'll call it a day. A birthday that is. If you were bummed that you weren't invited, please feel free to watch these (somewhat lengthy) videos and experience the magic.

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