Friday, October 26, 2007

A visit from Patty and Trixie

Patty and Trixie came to visit to bring us a meal. Patty (holding Rock) can remember when I was the same size as Rock. She and I grew up across the street from each other. Now her daughter is trying to toughen up Rock by kneeing him in the head. Seriously though, Trixie was really sweet and excited about meeting Rock.
Trixie got her fingers into a candle we had out on the side table. When we jokingly prompted her to wipe the blackness from the candle on her face like a football player, she was more than happy to oblige! Could her curls and her lashes be any cuter?! Here's another shot of the black stuff on her face. Trixie also taught us about photosynthesis and about Jupiter during her visit. Rock survived the visit and snuggled into his Boppy to relax.

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