Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Boy

What makes one a "Big Boy?" Is it when he starts to walk? Is it when he talks in full sentences? Rock has been doing those things for months. But lately, he's made a big step that makes him feel really big to me.
Rock FINALLY got his Big Boy Bed! Although I think he was ready for it awhile ago, I'm glad we got it before Shin makes her big debut in March. Now there is plenty of time to get used to the idea that his little sister will be sleeping in 'his' crib.
This was a gift from Rocket and Juju so it's only fitting that Juju read his first bedtime story in the new bed. He just LOVES sleeping in this bed and he's only fallen out of it twice in two weeks. Please ignore the slapped together bedding in these pictures; I didn't have anything ready when the bed was delivered. I've since made a duvet cover and I'll post pictures with that soon enough. But for now I'm on to Rock's next step in becoming a Big Boy.
Yep folks. Tomorrow's the day. We are going to try and take another step into Big Boyhood. We've been talking about it for months and I said I'd try it out after Christmas so here we go! If doing it in one day works, it works. If not, we'll work on plan B. But if you think of it, pray for us tomorrow!


Lynn said...

I'll pray for you. It will be as hard (if not harder) for you than it is for him. If it works, I'll let you train Adeline the next time you are here to babysit. ;o)

Beth said...

Hmmm. I've potty trained 3 kids so far, and have yet to do it in a day! A week or two maybe, but not a day. Power to you!

Cute bed, btw. :-)

Julie said...

This is the exact method I plan on using for Judah ... in the next week or two when things settle down with Owen. My friend has trained all 5 of her children with it!

I am praying for you both today - that Rock will be cooperative, and that you will have lots and lots of patience!

mandy said...

I love your blog, Rachel! You crack me up! It's been a lot of fun catching up on what's goin on with you! Oh, and I LOVE Rock's name. :)

Christel said...

I love the "R" pillow! Did you make that? Ties in well with the other B&W items you made for his/Shin's room.

I think I recognize the book he's reading too - "Doctor Dan the Bandage Man"? One of Geneva's FAVORITES.

Z Mom said...

This was the exact book I used, It worked. I was so surprised. Hope it works for you.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Just getting settled back in to "real life" and enjoying catching up on all your posts! (All the way back to Christmas Eve -- thanks for the pictures of the kids....I didn't take any that night, I was so exhausted, so it was fun to see yours!)
Loved seeing all your family Christmas pics!
Can't wait to hear how the pottytraining is going....Is it a bad sign that you haven't posted in almost a week?!?! :)