Monday, January 25, 2010

No Go

We tried for one day, but on day two we stopped. Rock is not ready for potty training. He LOVED wearing big boy pants. He LOVED helping his new doll use the bathroom. He LOVED the treats he got for keeping his pants dry. He LOVED emptying his potty into the toilet and flushing. We ran about 50/50 with accidents and successes. But our success was solely dependent on whether or not he was sitting on the potty at the right moment. His brain understood the whole process but his bladder did not. He'd never tell me when he went to the bathroom (while sitting on the potty) because he didn't know he'd done it. Then he'd be completely shocked by an accident and frustrated that he had to practice going to the potty when he didn't know how to stop his own bladder. As I said, if it works, it works. It didn't work. I could be a frustrated slave to the potty for a few months or I could be honest and humble and admit that Rock, while still very much a genius, is just not ready to make this step.AND I'm pregnant and get weary from just laying on the couch these days. I don't want to spend the last months of just-the-three-of-us (not to mention the first months with the new baby) helping Rock continually clean up accidents. I really look forward to trying again after Shin makes her debut. For now, I'm happy to change two sizes of diapers!
p.s. Rock is not wearing pants in the pictures above because he was wearing big boy pants and trying to keep them dry. He got the "You are Special Today" plate because he had many successes that day and he is special to me whether or not he's potty trained yet.


Lynn said...

Perhaps the Lord knew I would struggle with all forms of jealously if potty training day ONE worked for you. Just kidding...sort of. ;o)

He is charming as well as brilliant.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

He is such a big boy in SO MANY WAYS!!!!
You are exactly right that one day he will just get it - and it will click !!!
In the meantime, I have found it really helpful to make MYSELF aware of when our near-pottytraining children are going to the bathroom (or have just gone.) That way, you can use the time they are in diapers to talk about it with them and help them learn the feeling. I'm sure its easy for you to tell when he is if you can just be aware of when he is peeing (or has just gone) you can just use those moments to say -- "OH, you peed! Now your diaper is wet. Now its time to put on a dry diaper."
I know he is not lacking AT ALL in the comprehension area.... You're exactly right that his bladder is just not aware yet. And that will come soon enough.
But I have found that being aware of when they pee and helping them learn to associate that feeling with the realization that they have peed has helped in prep for pottytraining.
And you are at SUCH an advantage already over so many Moms who have to work with a child who doesn't WANT to pottytrain or who WANTS to be in diapers.
So I'm sure it will go well whenever Rock is ready.

Janiece said...

Advice wanted from an 'old' mom? Don't start any earlier than two and a half years with a boy. And if that age comes with a new baby, then wait longer. Make no changes until way after new baby! :=)

Elizabeth said...

Oooh, I miss the Swaddlers. That's what I'm going to be jealous of. :) They're so soft and tiny and smell so good.