Saturday, February 12, 2011

31 Is So Much Fun!

Nothing says "Happy Birthday Rachel!" like waking up to smoothies with these two cuties. Rock had spent the night at Juju's house after we went out to a Mexican birthday dinner the night before (where my parents and Fix revealed that they went in together to get me a new phone!).
And I have to say, there was something so nice about having just one baby to tend to!
That afternoon, Rock returned with a beautiful blue cake that he and Juju had made just for me. Rock choose blue icing as Juju did not have the correct dye to make a black cake. Black being his favorite color of course.
I choose to have Grace's Fortune take-out for my birthday dinner.
Yay for yummy Chinese food! And yay for my new black shirt from Fix!
Oh and I also got a birthday balloon from Rock. It made for hours of 'I'm burning my (insert body part here)' jokes...
Until we blew it out.
Self portrait. I look tired. Perhaps 31 is a good year to take my last birthday self portrait.

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Sarah said...

The black cake made me laugh outloud.