Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soph and Belle

We were so happy to attend Sophia and Annabelle's joint birthday party at 1st Class Gymnastics -- aka, the scene of Rock's Gymnastics class torture.
I was nervous that Rock would have flashbacks and cry throughout the afternoon. But as the picture shows, he loved it!Perhaps it was the promise of Barbie cakes (one for each of the birthday girls!) after playing that made the gym of ridiculously fun activities endurable.
Whatever the reason, we all had fun and the birthday girls looked lovely in their leotards. That's Belle above on the left.
Sophia was a trooper considering she was pretty sick on the day of the party. Thanks ladies for hosting a great party!
p.s. I got the birthday girls matching necklaces from S&D for gifts. Louisa was more than happy to try them on for size before we gave them away.

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