Monday, March 31, 2008

California Here We Come!

That's right folks! At just six months old, Rock is off on a new adventure to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! Last time he was there, he was inside the lady in the green dress.
There are many friends, and most importantly FIVE babies in California (although little Ella is holding her tummy like the other mamas, she was not in fact pregnant in this picture!) that we need to visit. So, we are off! In the meantime, I have some pictures that I've held off on posting. I'll try and get them up while we are away so all you faithful readers will be able to carry on without us. See you in two weeks!


pgvet2 said...

Have a great trip Fix family! Let me know if you have a spare morning or day this weekend and we can catch up. I would love for you to meet my fiance and I would like to meet Rock. Have a safe trip.

God Bless,

Carrie said...

just out of curiosity...where was this picture taken and is the "For Sale" sign meant to be hanging over the pregnant ladies or is it referring to something else?

los wagner said...

dang it...i wanted to get a pic of all the babies. my fault, i know, for not making it to the bbq...hurry and come back!