Saturday, March 22, 2008

Women's Retreat

Part of the reason that I didn't post pictures last week is because Rock and I went on the church Women's Retreat and I left my camera in Linus' (pictured below with Rock) Mom's car!
Rock enjoyed playing with Linnea too. They were born a few hours apart at the same hospital and have become good friends in the church nursery.
Anyway, when we arrived at the Retreat, I saw the building below and thought "I've been here before. This looks like Cedar Point Farm." CPF was a retreat center we went to with the Summer Fellowship Group when I was about 5 years old. But since I was remembering this place through the eyes of a child, I figured I was wrong...
But then again... this building REALLY looked familiar! So, I asked our retreat coordinator "Did this use to be called Cedar Point Farm?" "Not that I know of" she said. So I thought again that I must be crazy. But then, in the dining room, I saw this sign:
Ah ha! I asked the waitress and sure enough the place used to be called Cedar Point Farm and I had been there many years ago. Thus, before we left, I walked around and took pictures of all the places that looked familiar to me. This brick house was definitely a place I remembered. I think we slept in a room in this place. I vaguely remembered this covered picnic bench. My parents said we had a crab feast here.
I'm not sure that this barn structure was here when we were there...
This looks kinda familiar to me too -- like maybe it was the place where the kids hung out with the babysitter during the day while our parents met together? So, isn't that cool that I got to go back to a place I'd been 23 years earlier?!?! And the Retreat was wonderful on so many levels. We had a great speaker, fun times, and wonderful food. I love the ladies at our church!


Rohal Call said...

Ohhhhh...I SO miss this retreat! The location, the ladies, the food....all just SOOO wonderful. Glad you had fun.

RB said...

Memories from those strange early years of childhood are powerful and wonderful things, full of mystery... they say they are some of the last things we will remember in our old age.