Thursday, August 14, 2008


Rock has been saying a lot of things like "Papa," "Mama," "Uh-oh," etc. But, we haven't been quite sure if he's truly understood what he's saying. It seems that for him "Papa" means "pick me up" and "Mama" means "I'm hungry, feed me." But recently Rock learned a new word and he really knows what it means. BALL. He may not fully pronounce the L's and sometimes he pronounces it "A-ba" but he knows what he means when he says it and thus, we are officially considering it his first word.

Here is a (long) video of him trying to throw around the ball while Fix and Oliver watch and encourage. My apologies that he house is in total disarray -- we were watching all three of the Coleman grandchildren that evening. And thank you to Cousin Caleb and his parents for the fun ROCKET SCIENTIST shirt Rock is wearing.


Isaac and Joanna said...

This is too cute! Congrats on your first word, Rock.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

It just struck me how much attention you all are able to give Rock for his accomplishments. I don't think we've ever tried to work on throwing/playing ball with Clip. Nor saying the word. Nor do we have this much video coverage of him over the past two months combined. :) Poor, neglected 3rd child! Aren't we horrible parents?!

Thanks for the reminder to appreciate our sweet baby boys. They are growing so fast and doing so many things!
I can't wait til we can get them together to play!

RB said...

"ball"... that's a good first word. Good choice Rock!