Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, right before we left for our trip to Florida for Thanksgiving, Fix got an infection in his leg. At first we thought it was a spider bite, but when it got so infected and gross that he couldn't stand on it, we went to the doctor's for some further testing. Turns out it was the MRSA strain of staph infection.
Three doctors appointments, two lancings (where his wife almost fainted), two hard-core antibiotics, one emergency room visit and dozens of pieces of gauze later, it is healing up nicely.
The silver lining was that while it was healing up, Fix was able to spend some quality time bonding with our couch. Oh and his son.
Who knew that a Google image search for "dogs" could produce such delight?
p.s. Fix had me take many pictures of his nasty leg but as an act of kindness to our blog readers, I refuse to post them here.


The Beglins said...

MRSA! Yuck! Hopefully that stays gone 4evah. Glad to see it lent to good bonding time, however.

Elizabeth said...

I love the look of delight...and what a great idea! And thanks for not posting the leg pictures. I'm his sister and I still don't want to see them.

I am really thankful that it has cleared up, though. We were praying lots!

Oh, and it's great to have some new posts. I've been checking and checking but didn't want to be hypocritical and ask you to post when I'm so sporadic about it.

Isaac and Joanna said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Stephen! =)

RB said...

So where do we go to see the nasty leg pictures?