Monday, November 24, 2008

T-DAY TRIP: Robert is Here!

Our first fun adventure with Kelly and Bethany was a trip to ROBERT IS HERE. Read here for the story behind this deluxe fruit stand.
They had some pretty quirky animals in their petting zoo. This emu shot is for Stephen C.
Rock was most interested in the baby goats. Probably because they were interested in the baby humans.
The turkeys seemed kinda antsy. Perhaps they knew there were only 5 days left to Thanksgiving!
Addy did not do any petting.
The red socks were key to tying Rock's look together.
That's the donkey barn in the background.
But more than any animal, Rock was most interested in his favorite fruit. Bananas.
He was very intrigued by the baby ones sized just for him.
They brought out his toothy grin.
Can you guess which shake we picked to drink?
He actually cried when I took it away from him to get a few sips for myself.
Again, the bananas bring a grin.... or at least Rock's unique eyebrows-raised version of a grin.
With his belly full, it was time to burn some calories dancing with Grammy Cokie.
He also ran around this old Ford truck to burn off some steam.


Julie said...

Wow, what a trip! I am so impressed that you guys DROVE to Miami!!! I don't even want to drive to visit my family in Orlando from here! How did Rock do with all those hours in the car?

Elizabeth said...

Fun pictures of Rock. He's noticeably grown up since we were there. Not that that's surprising by any means...I just can't help noticing and commenting on it.

RB said...

Finally... I know where I am!

Katie said...

You are so funny. I match my kid's socks to their outfits too!

My mother-in-law bought little bananas like that when we were in Hawaii last Christmas. She called them apple bananas and they actually did kind of taste like apples.

Beth said...

Kristin is my banana fan, and has been know to eat 3 or 4 bananas a day. I kind of wondered if that was good for her, but it is a fruit, so I guess it's okay. Since everyone else in my family eats at least one banana a day, you can see why I get excited when I can find bananas for under 50 cents a pound.

Anyhow, you and Bethany are two hot mammas... you put me to shame. I wear whatever does not have spit up on it... sometimes.

Oh, and I was just giving you a hard time about not stopping in here. But if you ever do find yourself traveling on I-85, we are an easy pit-stop. It would probably be off the beaten path to come here on your way to Asheville. I think you'll take I-40. It would be an hour out of the way to come through Lexington. :-)