Thursday, November 20, 2008

T-DAY TRIP: First Stop Reddicks

So my mom, Rock and I chose to drive down to Miami so we could stop in with friends along the way. The first stop was in Charlotte with our friends Lauren and Rob Reddick and their three kids. Lauren and I have been friends since 2nd grade (or earlier?). It was so fun to see her again and play with her adorable children.
The boys were really sweet to Rock... bringing him age appropriate toys and trying their best not to whack him in the head as they wrestled around.
The last time I saw Matthew (our Godson) he was about a year old.
Marshall put some green paint under his nose just for these pictures.
And Millie was just too cute for words! I think the flash startled her.
We were so thankful that the Reddicks put us up for the night and showed us around town.

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Beth said...

Okay, so I have to complain! If you went through Charlotte you could have at least stopped to pee at my house which is three minutes off of I-85, an hour north of Charlotte! You must have driven right by our exit... now you know, and if you ever drive down again, you better stop by!!! :-)