Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Earlier in December, Nana Kerry invited everyone over for dinner and promised a surprise activity afterwards.
The surprise was Christmas cookie decorating!
Our decorating started off normal enough.
But we quickly moved to more non-traditional ideas. See the bikini-on-top-jeans-on-bottom-angel on the top left and the ghost of Christmas past on the bottom right.
A pile of Christmas cheer.
Some of Kerry's decorations were a few decades old. We weren't sure if the red used above was icing or food coloring. Regardless, it can increase the creepy factor of a cookie in seconds.
Align Center
It makes excellent blood.
Fix's target cookie.
If I had blond highlights and wore too much lipstick and I was a cookie, this is what I would look like.
Rock went into sugar-shock sampling our work.

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