Friday, April 15, 2011


You may remember that Louisa has had a lot of tummy issues in her short little life. Most of this stems from a dairy intolerance. Once we figured that out (when Lou was around 2 months old), I stopped eating and drinking anything with any traces of dairy in it. It was not easy, but there are worse tragedies than not having cream in your coffee.
And having a non-screaming infant was motivation enough to avoid all products with any ingredients that came from a cow. In the end, I lost my pregnancy weight (plus some!) really fast and I learned to appreciate some new things that I will continue to enjoy now that Louisa is officially weaned. Like not having cream in my coffee...
And Smart Balance. While it doesn't substitute for butter when baking or as a pan-greaser for eggs (I used saved bacon lard for that), it was great on toast and bagels.
And it turns out I didn't need yogurt in my smoothies to enjoy them just fine. Now we frequently make banana, mango, and OJ (sometimes with berries too) smoothies in the morning. YUM!
Oh and I can't forget coconut milk. We ate some really yummy Thai dishes with coconut milk based sauces. And as a special treat (it's QUITE pricey), coconut milk ice cream was the closest substitute for the real deal. All that being said, I would like to close this post by announcing that I am officially resuming my love affair with Gorgonzola cheese and Tiramisu.


Elizabeth said...

Does that mean that she is weaned or that she now can tolerate dairy? I realize I really should already know the answer to this question but I'm afraid I don't. *hangs head in shame*

Elizabeth said...

Okay, right. Now I'm not just hanging my head in shame but downright embarrassed. I went back and was reading these posts to Joseph and Caleb last night and the answer to my question is RIGHT THERE IN THE POST!!! DOH! I don't have an excuse for missing brain cells...unless the redhead I'm raising counts. ;)