Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Susanna

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? We did! Bethany and Sarah came into town and we all got up at 5 am to watch. Why?
Because Princess Susanna of Maryland was there!!! My little sister, Susanna lives abroad in London and she and her friends Chelsea and Jess decided to go down to Westminster Abbey on Wednesday of Royal Wedding Week to check out the scene. Of course they wore their matching tiaras and "Will Heart Kate" shirts, but they weren't planning on hanging around.
But the media was already camped out and when they saw three beautiful blonds in matching tees and tiaras -- standing out in sharp contrast to the near-homeless people who'd been camping out for weeks -- they flocked to them and started snapping pictures. Suddenly she and her friends were being interviewed by everyone...
Including Ali Wentworth from the Oprah Show. She asked the girls if she could interview them after the wedding and gave them press passes. So they decided to stay.
Then they texted their friends and family. And their pictures were sent around the world. She was on the cover of USA Today, in an online story about Princess Susanna of Maryland and a full page picture in the special issue People magazine, the list goes on. After camping out for a day, they got a front row seat of everyone entering the Abbey and then they got to run through the crowds with their press passes to Buckingham Palace where they witnessed the royal kiss on the balcony...
And appeared 'live' on the Oprah show. Her 15 minutes of fame were pretty awesome, no? Too bad I didn't get a picture of us gathered around the TV all morning. It was quite fun to take all the wedding festivities in.

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So THIS is what you do when you're home sick... ;o)

Love all the updates...and the new header is adorable!