Saturday, April 23, 2011


Someone has been begging to play Settlers of Catan. After months of asking, we finally caved.
He was ecstatic. Although he couldn't understand some parts of the game (namely, strategy), he loved trading cards and he figured out how to 'build' pretty quickly.
With a little help from his opponents, he won his very first game! Good game.


Melanie Brockman said...

Yea for all the new blog posts and especially for the new heading to the page--we really do have awfully cute grandchildren. Glad you used your sick day to such a good purpose.
So far, I'm sticking to UNO with Rock--Settlers might drive me crazy.

Elizabeth said...

The picture of him cheering is awesome. And Melanie, you're funny and I'm thinking competitive for it to drive you crazy? ;)