Monday, June 13, 2011

Lee and Joanna's Wedding

We were so honored to be asked to attend the wedding of Joanna Stough to Lee Whitesell.
The church were they were wed was breathtakingly gorgeous.
Sorry Patty and Gina, Fix could only focus on one of us with this lens.
The service was lovely, and my favorite touch was the...
BAGPIPES! Rob Schonthaler played Amazing Grace while we all exited. So cool.
The reception took place at The 1840s Plaza Ballroom which was as cool as, if not cooler, than the beautiful church!
The fabulous wedding coordinator, Lynn, and her fabulous husband Patrick.
A rare (these days) picture of just the two of us! I was 11.5 weeks pregnant in this picture which is funny because I wore this same dress to a wedding when I was 11.5 weeks pregnant with Rock. Both times I felt like I was going to bust the seams open by the end of the night.
Joanna was a lovely bride...
But Fix was there for the cake.

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