Monday, June 6, 2011


We spent the last day of Staycation in DC. As we neared our lunch location (Cosi), we saw a Krispy Kreme store with their "HOT NOW" sign lit. So of course, we got Krispy Kremes for our appetizer.
Unfortunately, Fix and Louisa can't eat KK's, so Rock and I had to scarf down eat two each.
Yum. Yum. Extra Yum.
But don't feel bad for them, Fix and Louisa got to eat yummy Cosi bread. We all enjoyed their salads and sandwiches.
Then it was off to the zoo to see the bears...
And the tigers (not pictured).
Sometimes these two heads look SO similar to me!
Notice there aren't a lot of live animal shots. That's because there weren't a lot of live animals around. Perhaps they opted for a VAcation instead of a STAYcation like us. But the kiddies enjoyed this fake panda as much as the real deal.
When we wandered over to turtles...
Louisa fell asleep grinning.
Then Rock got sleepy too.
And they both slept in the car while we drove over to Jason and Heather's house (and the new farmer's market around the block) for dinner to finish our vacation right. Staycation 2011 = SUCCESS.
p.s. Can you guess the color of the day?

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