Saturday, July 23, 2011



So you may have noticed that it's been awhile since I updated this blog. Well, I have been very busy this Fall/Winter. And then I accidentally sorta sat on my laptop. It was only for a millisecond and I didn't even put all my weight down on it. But it also happened to be the day that our third child was born so I was more than a little large at that point.

And it killed my hard drive. Which deleted a whole slew of pictures that I had intended to put up here. So, the end of the Summer and most of the Fall was lost. At least as far as pictures are concerned.

But I am pulling together the few pictures that I took on my cell phone and ones that others gave us to give you a piecemeal glimpse at our Fall. I will be post-dating the pics so the blog will stay in chronological order. This is because I want this blog to function as a scrapbook for our lives. And I will also be writing in a post-dated voice so I will talk about events that have already occurred (Halloween, the birth of our third child, Christmas, etc.) as though they haven't already happened.

So if that thoroughly confuses you, sorry. If you can hang with me through this rough stage, I promise I am trying to get back into blogging mode. And yes, I realize that I may be writing this note to my mom as she may be the only loyal reader I have left...

Anyway, here we go...


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip, Martin and Cosette said...

I will always be a loyal reader.
Love you!

Elizabeth said...

So you have at least THREE loyal readers. I'm so happy to see you back. And I weep for your lost pictures. And I refuse to believe that there is not some way for them to be retrieved from that hard drive. I live in denial about things like that...and wedding rings...

Good for you, though, that you had most of your pics backed up elsewhere. I've been working on that, too.

I like the post-dating and I can totally follow you. :) Welcome back and we'll take whatever you can give, whenever it comes. It's still better than I do...and you have two more kids than I do. So, shame on me. ;)