Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Fellowship Beach Shots

While we were at the beach Rock prayed "Thank you for my best buddy Clip and my best buddy Addy."
She is an awfully cute pick for a best buddy.
And this is an awfully cute bathing suit -- given to her by the Hathaways -- just one of her many Polkadotsie gifts from her first birthday party.Bethany and Kelly's cornhole game provided lots of beach-time entertainment for the fellas...
While the ladies preferred to lounge...
And nap (for the record I know that Clip is a fella, not a lady)...
And smile pretty for the camera.
Zuni got her haircut one morning so she could look particularly lovely at the beach. Good thing you can see the cut so well in this picture.
On our final afternoon at the beach, there was a rousing FIGHT THE TIDE competition. When the tide was out, each of the houses worked together to build a 'sand castle' (although I must say they all looked like mounds of sand to me!). Each team then places a straw upright in their 'castle' wherever they chose. Then the tide comes in and whichever team's straw stays upright longest wins.
Here's our house's team and 'castle.' Notice I am not there -- I was back at the house with a napping Lou. Our straw went down first, but the mound of sand lasted the longest so when Rock came back to the house he told me that our team won.
I think he may have been out in the sun a little too long.

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Susanna said...

Don't worry - I don't think that pic is from the day I got my hair cut, anyways.