Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fellowship House of Chaos and Fun

There's a reason Louisa is positively giddy in this picture. It was SUMMER FELLOWSHIP WEEK! And Zuni was here from London and staying in our house!!!
In fact we shared a house with the Rabenhorsts, Brockmans, Barnetts and Hathaways. It was a kid-filled house of fun for sure.
There was young love....
And lots of screaming from the two kiddies pictured here.
And there were matching outfits provided by Juju for all the young ladies.
Juju even hosted a Bingo night at our house.
And she gave away killer prizes.
At the other houses, we celebrated Copeland's birthday.
And her Uncle Greg's birthday.
And took an adorable picture or two of the Barnetts. No no no, we didn't take a picture of our family. That would be silly.
But we did take a picture of the matching outfits again.
At the close of each day, we'd go back to the house of chaos. Our Litchfield, SC home away from home.


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

You were generous in your comment about "Lots of whining from the two kiddos pictured." (Martin & Louisa) I think, to be fair, Martin can claim about 90% of the screaming this year! (As evidenced by the pictures!) Oh how I am praising God that we have moved on from that awful, awful screaming, miserable stage. He was a super-easy infant, but was just a BEAR from 10-16 months!!!
Loving all your new posts! - Especially the "house of chaos" pictures. Thank you for graciously sharing a house with us. I feel like you must draw the shortest straw to be stuck sharing a beach house with the Hathaway family since we are so many and take up so much space and make so much noise! :) But we do love sharing a house with our best friends!!!! :) Thank you for patiently and graciously vacationing with us!
Love you,

Melanie Brockman said...

I liked the brunette, redhead, blonde girls in matching shirts--all very much loved.