Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I took this picture in July,but on August 23rd, I was at Annapolis Mall with my mom and my two kids, enjoying the new play area pictured above. All of a sudden the building started shaking. The little rings around the inset lighting started falling out of the ceiling. People started running. Juju grabbed her Chick Fil-A Coke so hard she popped a hole in the side. I grabbed my children so fast we almost forgot Rock's flip flops.
We ran down an employee hallway through the emergency exit door and out of the mall. Everyone else was gathered outside and we quickly learned that we had just lived through an earthquake. Perhaps it was because I am pregnant and tired, but it really shook me up. Everyone was okay, but Rock had plaster in his hair from the ceiling above the play area! I thought I was done with those things after I left San Diego. Crazy times.

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Susanna said...

Reading about Mom grabbing her Coke makes me laugh out loud. That woman's got her priorities.