Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marta and Jono got Hitched!

They did it! Marta is now Mrs. Jono Wilcox! Okay so his given name isn't Jono, it's Jonathan and he has like seven middle names 'cause he is a Brit, but whatever.
We were encouraged to wear hats, but I didn't have time to buy one. So I used my S&D brooch to make a little hair embellishment.
Lisa was TOTALLY rocking in her hat. I was jealous. Notice the hand-on-the-belly-I'm-not-fat-I'm-pregnant pose I'm sporting.
Marta was a breathtaking bride...
This star pin has been worn by brides in her family for several generations. So cool.
While there was no official bouquet toss, Jonathan was happy to be given the bridal bouquet to use as a boutonniere.After a tea and cookies (and fruit and yummy savory things) reception, the couple dashed off to an unknown location for a few hours...
And then we all gathered again in the awesome tent for some awesome cake. Oh and an awesome dinner reception. Right Jonathan?
Apparently when the two receptions are so far apart, you are supposed to change? Lisa lost her hat and I donned the new (to me) preggo dress that my sister Sarah gave me.
Congratulations Marta and Jono! May God bless you with many happy years together!

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