Sunday, April 6, 2008

6-Month Check-up!

The day before we left town we went to Rock's 6-month check-up. It was actually a very depressing day. Unfortunately, we found out that Rock is NO LONGER IN THE 95th PERCENTILE! He has slowed down and at 21 lbs. 11 oz. and 28 inches is now only in the 90th percentile. Disappointing, huh?
Seriously though, we were happy to hear that Rock is still healthy and strong and continuing to grow. Above he shows off his incredible flexibility.
He was glad that Mom and Dad brought along Meester Frog for his appointment.
Meester Frog likes to give him keesses.


Nancy said...

Watch out, Rock! Linus is catching up! I think he's up to something like 15 pounds. Woo hoo! Your dad held Linus at church tonight (only because he missed you) and said he could tell that Linus was bulking up. Seriously. You can ask him. We missed you today!

Beck said...

So adorable! Um, Charlotte weighs 21 lbs and she is 13 mos. I think you still get should get a prize for such a deliciously precious big boy!!

Mrs. Fix said...

Hey, I didn't only hold Linus because I missed Rocky D.! I just usually let all the ladies hold Linus, because he's so popular with them.

Christel said...

Rachel you must have amazing biceps!

(Geneva's the same weight at 1 yr.) I'd be in a back brace if I had to carry her everywhere.