Saturday, April 19, 2008

Walt Disney Concert Hall

I once saw an article in InStyle magazine where Cindy Crawford (I think) posed in a bunch of awesome dresses in front of the newly constructed Walt Disney Concert Hall. Figuring I'd never live anywhere near LA, I forgot about it. Then, when we were living in DC, we saw an exhibit at the National Building Museum about the construction of this fabulous music hall and Fix and I (at that time on our way to Seminary) agreed we had to go see it at some point.
Alas, we never managed to do so while we were living in California. So, on this trip to LA, we insisted on going to see it.
Some outside shots through the car window.
The coolest part about this building's funky shape/design is that the concert hall has AMAZING acoustics. This is where the LA Philharmonic performs.
Oops! I forgot to flip this one -- the right side above is the bottom of the picture. It's a shot of the elevator/stair area looking up to the various floor levels.
Originally the structure was a lot shinier but apparently it was blinding people working in buildings nearby, so they had to go over the whole building and buff it up We wandered around the outside of the building and found a few outdoor stages as well as a garden (featured in the next post). From this vantage point we could look out over a lot of downtown LA.


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

That building is AWESOME! I'm so glad you took (and posted) the pictures! Looks like you all had such a fun time!

RB said...

That Frank Gehry fella was going to put some buildings up in our neighborhood... but now the specter of recession seems to have shelved many of those plans.


Julie said...

Cool post! What an amazing-looking building.

Rachel said...

ooo..we are going there for vacation this summer and that is on my list to see! looks llike fun...visit any cupcake shops while there?