Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trains are Fun for Everyone!

Because Rock's mom is not as observant as she was before she had a little boy to distract her, she somehow lost her license after going through security. Okay, so that's not fair. She never really had her act together before he was born. But now she has a good excuse for losing her driver's license.
Anyway, since she had no driver's license, they couldn't rent a car to go up to LA. Thus they had to ride the train. Although it was initially stressful trying to get tickets and catch the train, the trip was very pleasant once Rock and his mom got settled.
Rock slept for a lot of it.
But woke up with enough time left in their journey to enjoy the seat next to mom.


RB said...

Admit it Rachel... you finally realized the desperate situation that Car Culture has put our country in, and you decided to take a political stand and burn your Driver's License, cause it is ridiculous that our main form of identification is linked to those gas-guzzling monsters of steel and glass and rubber... and for that I stand and salute you!!! Bravo darling!!!

Bethany said...

I see that Meester Frog made the journey as well.