Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stephen, Carrie, Molly and Oliver!

The best part of visiting LA was seeing our dear friends. We were so excited to meet baby Oliver and see Stephen and Carrie and Molly again. We were so thrilled to see them we couldn't sit still for a good picture... here are our best attempts.

p.s. You may notice that Rock's mom got a MUCH NEEDED haircut while she was in Escondido. Having come to peace with the fact that she is (as Dani, her hair stylist once said) a hair perfectionist, she realized, as most new mom's do, that she needed to cut down on hair-styling time in order to have more time to look after Rock. This new 'do is a lot easier to do! Yay for Dani!!!

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RB said...

That looks like a very happy cuddle puddle... its wonderful to see friends again.