Sunday, July 27, 2008

JUNE UPDATE: Fellowship Beach Week

For the past 31 years, my family has gone on vacation with the same group of families. Although I have gone to 27 of the 28 vacations that have occurred during my lifetime, Rock had never been before.
He was a VERY good boy in the car on the long ride down to South Carolina!

Once we arrived, we lathered him up and hit the beach. This smattering of chairs, toys, umbrellas, towels and people has been a welcome sight for many years. It symbolizes the relaxing vacation I dream about for the rest of the year.

It is always a treat to catch up on the beach and (in the case of Fix and Marta) discuss a little theology.
Rock loved the sand... so much he ate it.
McCrary also made her beach debut with her Nana.
Playing with Aunt Zuni.
Check out that belly!
Bathing Beauties: Marta, Rock, Aunt Susanna, Mom, Elizabeth and McCrary
Father and son.
Stella. Just one of the crazy kiddos.
Copeland, Jay, Aiden, George, Sophie and of course, Nick make up the rest of the crazy kiddos in the "3rd Generation." Okay, Nick is in the 2nd Generation.
A bunch of the "2nd Generation" hanging out.
Although Rock isn't smiling, I'm glad Annie captured this cute family picture for us.


RB said...

I like his punk rock mohawk picture... very cool.

Julie said...

Love Rock's swim trunks!

Beck said...

Um, Rock is getting so adorable by the moment. And I am trying not to hate you for your amazing post-baby bod - mama, you look awesome!!!