Thursday, July 31, 2008

JUNE UPDATE: Fix Beach Trip

Right after the beach week with my family, we headed just a bit north to the Outer Banks to relax in style with the Fix family.

Rock shows his dad how to chew on Mom's sunglasses.

I bet you didn't know that Rock is already well on his way to a career as a Rock Star!
He's in a band with his Cousin Caleb.
They like to use Fix's hair product and rock out.
Rock loved using the hose to refill the pool.
This was a super cool way to extend his reach.
Caleb getting ready to dive in.
Notice how Rock has a toy drumstick in his hand. He found this with one of the toy drums in the beach house living room. I don't think he ever voluntarily put it down. It was also an excellent tool to extend his reach.
You have to make a lot of crazy faces...
To get a boy to smile just right with his grandparents.
Practicing walking on the beach with dad.
Rock is on a mission to walk alone. Of course he bursts into tears if you even think of letting go of one of his hands.
Rock was jealous that he didn't have his own pair of sunglasses like Caleb. What he forgets is that Grandma Cokie gave him a pair, but they were too small for his big head.
After all that beach and pool time, the boys had a lot of fun getting clean.
Two of my favorite summer words: CRAB FEAST! Fix is a pro at cooking the live ones!
The three most devoted crab eaters: Uncle Joseph, Fix and Rachel. Papa John (not pictured) helped make a dent in the pile o' crabs.
If you take a picture on vacation with a copy of our local newspaper and send it in to them, they'll publish it! This also happens to be our best family shot from the beach week with the Fix family.
Rock really loves the beach!
The boys with the Nana Kerry in the "Beware of Shark" outfits she bought them.
My best shot of the two of them. Seriously.
This a picture on the way home when we stopped at Cracker Barrel. It is significant in that it is the first time Rock used crayons. Woohoo!


Lynn said...

What fun beach and pool pictures. Looks like you are enjoying all the things summer has to offer.

I'm not sure when we are heading back to Bowie, but I'll try to give you a heads up!

Elizabeth said...

Such fun memories. You captured the week well! We miss you guys!!!