Sunday, July 27, 2008

JUNE UPDATE: A Blurry Wedding

Before we left for the beach, we went to Janet and Gavin's wedding. It was a really fun, beautiful affair. I probably should have used the "Sports/Action" mode on my camera for the reception because every single picture I took was blurry.
Here's a blurry shot of the bride and groom.
A blurry shot of the father-daughter dance.Blurry bouquet toss.
Blurry shot of Patty and Rock dancing.
This is the bridesmaids dress that I wore for my sister Bethany's wedding. Janet and Gavin's wedding was on Bethany and Kelly's 5 year anniversary so I thought it was only fitting to wear my bridesmaids dress in their honor.
These are a few of the girls from my Junior High Bible study. They are such wonderful little ladies. We had a great time learning the dance to Cotton Eyed Joe and trying to do the moves to Thriller.

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