Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chasing Away the Ladies

Rock is having a hard time figuring out girls.
In an effort to woo Miss Sophia, he choose to grab at her eyeball.
When that didn't work, he tried to gnaw at her shoulder. She just crawled away.He then looked to me for some help, but what could I do? I guess he's just learning the hard way that women are not that easy to please!


Carrie said...

Molly might be up for a good fight when she gets out there. Tell Rock to hold on.

Lynn said...

That first picture is just hilarious! You are raising quite the charmer.

RB said...

Gnawing on a girl's shoulder has often been one of my gambits... and I generally had about the same level of success as it seems Rock is experiencing.

I hear back-rubs work a bit better.