Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birthday Evening

Grandma Cokie came over on the evening of Rock's birthday for some more birthday celebrating.

She got our whole family a birthday gift of one awesome DUST BUSTER to clean up after someone's messes. Rock also got a gift from his Great Aunt Valeta.
It's a toy that's kinda like an Ipod for kids. It plays nursery rhymes and music -- which Rock danced to.

Then we took Rock to California Tortilla for his VERY FIRST KIDS MEAL (which by the way is free on Thursday nights with the purchase of an adult entree - we will be back!). No, not all that food is for him.Rock particularly enjoyed the rice and beans.
We showed off his new trick to Grandma Cokie. The trick goes something like this:

1) The adults say "How old are you Rock?" 2) Rock holds up one finger. 3) Adults all scream with delight...

Which makes Rock wonder if we have all lost our minds.

Finally, back at home, we let Rock indulge in a ton of baby crack while we ate his brownie from his kids meal. Happy Birthday Messy Boy!

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Looks like a very fun birthday! I'm glad you recorded the fact that you ate his brownie and gave him strawberry pieces! He's going to love that one when he's older!