Monday, September 22, 2008

Party Shots!

I also made some "Rock ('s) On(e)!" t-shirts for the birthday boy and his parents.

And we tried to get a picture of the back of them. No such luck.

Rock and his father were more interested in eating watermelon than in taking a good t-shirt picture. But I love them anyway.Speaking of eating, Rock was not into eating his birthday (icing-on-ricecake) cake.
Don't be fooled by the icing on his face -- that's from when we tried to shove it in his mouth. We figured once he tasted the icing he'd like it but no. He is just incredibly health-conscious these days. That being said, he did have a lot of fun playing with the icing.
And showing off his how-old-are-you?-trick.
The backyard party scene.
Sophia playing with Rock's ship.
The Salada ladies drinking some water.
The chaos of unwrapped presents and wrapping paper.
Papa John's puppet show.
Rock and his grandparents. Appreciate the belly.
Parents and grandparents...
And the birthday boy showing off his how-old-are-you?-trick again!Molly lined up for the picture too.
And finally, Rock's favorite birthday party guest, his girlfriend Becky. He thinks she's number one. Oh wait, no. That's just him doing the how-old-are-you?-trick. Again. It really is cute and he always gets a good response so how can we blame him?


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Those are TERRIFIC pictures of you all and your families! How great!
I can't believe Rock is still smiling! (If that is at the end of the party?! -- which is the only real time you actually have to take pictures of yourself!!)

Beth said...

Hey Rachel!

Love all the B-day posts! I really liked the Rock(s) On(e) logo, too.

I am tickled at how much attention his birthday got... we were like that with Isaac. But now we have 4 kids in the house, and they will be lucky if I remember what day they were born! Just kidding. But seriously, Kristin almost didn't get a cake on her first Birthday... not to mention I don't have any printed photos of her past the age of 6 months old! (She'll be two in Dec.) Pitiful!

:-) Beth

Michele said...

Awww, happy birthday Rock! I can't believe it! What a super cool one year old!