Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Breakers

Before the wedding on Friday, we decided to go on a tour of The Breakers, Cornelius Vanderbilt's Summer home, I mean mansion.

But first we took a long drive......and took in some of Newport's beautiful seaside.
Finally we arrived at The Breakers.
Here's a picture of all the cousins before we went in. From left to right: Wesley, Nell, Grandma Cokie, Uncle John (my dad's younger bro), Kate, Grandpa Rocket, Dinah, Aunt Susanna, Rock, and me. I told everyone to 'look like a Vanderbilt' for this shot.
After a tour of the inside rooms (Rock and I are on the upstairs balcony)...
We took a walk around the grounds.Rock practiced his walking skills with his Grandparents.
Then did some solo crawling on the mansion's many steps.
Which gave me a chance to model how cool a Bjorn can look sans infant. FYI, it's a great place to stuff a diaper bag.

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