Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Allison and Marcus

The weekend after Christmas, I went to the wedding of my good friend Allison.
She (and her new hubby Marcus) put together a truly beautiful wedding. I wanted to take home all the decorations and stare at them for hours. But I didn't.
I think I snapped this just as Allison said "Could everyone who isn't in the wedding party please stay out of this room while we take pictures?" Oops. Sorry.
So I went and took a picture of the cake. It was beautiful AND delicious.
I was so happy that Dave and Bridget were there so we could catch up and Bridget and I could remind Dave how our high school (ERHS) was far superior to his (Bowie).
Oh and Allison's dress was FABULOUS!
The first dance and another shot of the beautiful decor. Did I mention that it was beautiful?
Sorry Marcus. This is the clearest picture I got. If only you had gotten married after my new camera arrived.
Here Allison and I demonstrated our crazy-eyed-pirate Raider cheer. See her closed fingers? Allison's technique has always been better than mine. Congrats again Marcus and Allison - I'm so thrilled for you both!

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ACB2Be said...

I had to run off and get some tissues before I commented because I was crying laughing so hard at these pictures!! Thank you so much for posting, I cherish your perspective on the evening. I am so so so happy that you had a good time and enjoyed the ambiance--I fell in love with the decorations and "feel" of the place when we were deciding where to get married and I'm so glad others felt the same way Marcus and I did. It just seemed magicial...but I guess it's supposed to on such an amazing day. I'm slightly embarrased about the bridzilla moment when shooting our family pictures. Luckily, you softened my attitude by inserting the word "please"---a good southern wife, as I now am, always uses the best of manners when bossing people around :) Thank you for boogying down to Love Shack and the Electric Slide with me...of course, the crazy eye Raider cheers always solidify a great evening. You are the best and it meant the world to me you could be there. Thank you so much! Hugs, Allison