Monday, January 5, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas!

First pic of the day and Rock already knew something special was going down.
It is a Fix tradition to still be wrapping your gifts when it's time to open them. While we waited for the gift wrapping to be completed, Rock spent some time snuggling with Nana Kerry...
And laughing with Uncle Jason.
Because he loves my oven mitts so much, I made Rock a pair of his own and wrapped them individually. Despite the fact that he had been in the room when I sewed them, Rock really flipped when he opened the first one. Then he wiped the dust off the coffee table. Opening presents can get really messy.

This video shows him opening the second one... the reaction's not quite as strong, but you'll get the idea.
Fix loves Mentos. The ones without corn syrup that is. So I picked up a few of them at Giant for one of his gifts.

Rock also got some KICKIN' new puppets from Nana Kerry and Papa John.
All this present fun wore the boy out.
So we put him to bed and played with his toys while we opened more gifts.
John is 'sick of being his wife's arm candy.'
Merry Christmas!


Lynn said...

Looks like an awesome Christmas...and I LOVE the matching PJ's!!!

Elizabeth said...

I MUST know where you found the awesome matching jammies.

Do you think you should include a translation of Stephen's remark at the beginning of the first video? As in, "more futzels."

Great picture of him laughing with Uncle Jason.

The oven mitt cracks me up.

But my favorite picture has to be the one of the tuckered out boy. So sweet.

This post makes me so sad we couldn't be there with you all. I think the boys might have had fun (in addition to the other typical toddler behavior, of course).