Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eric and Annie's Wedding

We stayed at Eric's mom's house the night before the wedding so we were there for all the pre-wedding fun.
I'm sure Annie really appreciated all Rock's help while getting ready.
Who's showing who how to put on their tie?
Annie being the very definition of a 'blushing bride.'
Eric's mom Judith and her husband Wayne went above and beyond the call of duty to host the reception in their home.
But first we had to get to the church and get these two married!
At the church, Annie got her first look at her gorgeous flowers...
And Ted got his first chance to play with fire.
After a few formal shots...
The wedding commenced. Fix officiated the ceremony while I hung out in a little glass room just outside.
I was busy watching this cute boy who refused to take off his winter hat inside.
After it was all over, Fix filled out the forms to make it official. I love how giddy Eric and Annie look in this shot.
Did I mention how gorgeous the flowers were?
Back at Judith and Wayne's house, Annie took a picture of me taking a picture of Annie taking a picture of me taking a picture of Annie taking a picture of me.
Annie brought some traditional wedding cookies from Taiwan. They were delicious.
Jenny was really excited that Eric and Annie are now man and wife. Actually, we all are. Congrats again!

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Jenny said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to be featured in your blog. Excellent photojournalism...you captured every emotion perfectly.