Saturday, May 2, 2009

April in Review

We started the month of April with a trip to the doctor's office for Rock's wellness check-up. He weighs 30 lbs. and is 33 inches tall. We figured that he had grown a little taller because his pants were so short!
On April 15th, we watched Sophie for the afternoon/evening.
Since it was raining, we went to Annapolis mall where the kiddies could run free in the play yard. Afterwards, we ate at Chick-fil-A.
Not only was the food awesome, but Sophie and Rock got cool hats and balloons and the Chick-fil-A cow made an appearance!!! Rock was really pumped about that.
All day Rock kept saying "Show-fee!!!" I think he likes her.
And she likes him!
Too much fun!
Also in April we went to Quiet Waters Park for the first time.
Rock loved the swings.
So did I.
The weekend of April 18th, we had our annual Spring Conference at church. It was a great time of learning from Dr. Bryan Chapell and Dr. David Coffin. We were glad that the Hathaways came to the conference so we could hang out on Saturday afternoon. The boys pictured above both took a FOUR HOUR NAP that afternoon.
After they woke up, we took a walk to the park. Holly and Steve were there with their cute dog. I forget her name, but Rock loved her.
Rock continues to love Becky and we continue to go with her to Cetrone's Pizza. They just added some arcade games. Don't tell Rock that if you add quarters the screen changes and you can actually play the game.
We also enjoyed a SUPER fun trip to the Baltimore Aquarium with the Saladas. Rock loved seeing all the cool animals and hanging out with Violet. They shared a lot of hugs as we looked at fish.
The sad news is that my camera broke while we were there so now it's stuck in the super zoomed in position. I'll be calling Nikon today to see about getting this fixed.


Isaac said...

Nice Shades!

Beth said...

My grandparents live right by Quiet Waters Park. Next time I'm in MD, we should meet up there :-)

Katie said...

Fun, fun, fun! When we took Luke to the aquarium a few years ago we got to where the escalator goes up to the rain forest. Luke was so excited he ran to hop on - and ran right into the glass wall in front of it! It was so funny but I had to stifle my laughter to calm him down.

Where is Quiet Waters Park?

RB said...

I like the fact that he doesn't know that video games are meant to be played, and not just watched like tv.... sure makes that experience a lot cheaper. :)

fisherdm said...

R. Daniel is the king of facial expressions, and also looks to be quite the budding ladies man. You'd better keep an eye on him, or he'll grow up to resemble his Uncle Berto.


ChrisandMissy said...

Rock in his high chair in front of the arcade...cute.
And I can't believe your son weighs thirty pounds.