Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brooklyn Baby

Because we were going to Atlanta for the weekend (more on that to come), Fix took last week off. We decided to spend the beginning of the week visiting our friends in NYC.
Here's the only family shot I got of us... in front of the Coney Island subway stop.
But let me back up a second... We rode the subway from Brooklyn down to the historic Coney Island because we Fixes had never been there before. Rock loved his first trip on the NYC subway system.
Although they weren't too good at posing for pictures...
Rock and Geneva were fast friends. They nicely shared their toys and their colds with each other.
In the background you can see the famous Cyclone rollercoaster. It first opened on June 26th, 1927 and a ride only cost 25 cents! Since it now costs $8 to ride, and Rock and Geneva were LONG overdue for their naps, we skipped that part.
Instead Rock rode on Daddy's shoulders as we passed the original Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Stand.
After a nap (for me and the babes), we met our friend Robert (he's the guy in the background) at Prospect Park.
While the other guys did some frisbee throwing, Fix practiced some Rock-throwing.
Thank you to Will (he's the guy in the background), Christel, and Geneva for hosting us!


Deb said...

These pictures are great! What's with all the guys "in the background"?? Hehehe.
The one with Rock & Geneva holding hands is TOO ADORABLE!

Elizabeth said...

I'm always a sucker for pictures of little kids holding hands, especially when it's a boy and a girl, and even more especially when they aren't related...and most especially when they are blissfully unaware that they are being observed.

I think what I really love about this picture is that not only is Rock pointing something out to Geneva but she actually seems to be looking at what he is pointing out.