Saturday, May 23, 2009


Rock finally learned how to play the "armonka" Papa John gave him. This video is from the day he first figured it out so at this point he was doing a lot of fake playing -- where he holds the harmonica up to his lips and sings. But believe me when I say he quickly learned how to really play -- I'll get another video soon to prove it!


Elizabeth said...

Way to go, Rock! I can't wait to hear the trio play together when we're in NC.

Katie said...

That's really cute. Erin got one for Christmas so of course I had to get one for Luke, too. Every now and then they have little jam sessions together. Erin calls it a "hamonaNAka."

Sarah said...

Frank was impressed. He was smiling and saying Do Do Do while watching it and waving his puzzle piece.

I personally liked the "Did it!" Baby pride is sweet.