Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dan and Sam: Wedding and Reception

Here's a little picture I snapped of the bride before she went down the aisle. JUST KIDDING! This is from the photographer, Jeff Roffman's website. Isn't it amazing? So was Sam's dress -- made from Irish linen and Venetian lace. GORGEOUS!
The groom takes in his beautiful bride as the cute Reverend looks on.
The wedding went without a hitch and Fix's charge to the couple was poignant, personal and perfect! He is a pro!
After the ceremony, the Mothership men got a picture with the newest Mothership wife. Again, her dress was so beautifully awesome.
At the reception, I did my best to take some horrific pictures with my point-and-shoot camera (still waiting on the Nikon's repair). The first was of the bride and groom's first dance to Sting's version of "My One and Only Love."
Someone was very excited about eating cake -- and rightly so because it was delicious! In fact, all of the food was delicious and I ate far too much of it.
Then Sam and her father danced to "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." It was adorable!Dan and his mom danced to "Georgia On My Mind."
Here's another Jeff Roffman picture. Seriously, isn't he good? Go here for more of his fantastic pictures of Dan and Sam's big day.
Although it's nothing special, I'm pretty proud of this shot because I took it at the same time that I threw my rose petals. Congrats Dan and Samantha! We are so so happy for you both and hope you are enjoying a relaxing honeymoon!


Jen said...

I LOVE that dress. It looks like a cascading waterfall. So beautiful. So glad you had a great time and are home safely!

Elizabeth said...

Yay, I'm glad I decided to check in for new posts and I'm glad you had pictures up of their wedding. That is an amazing photo as well as an amazing dress.

I think that Reverend looks rather least in the "robed" pictures. Oh, and it is just a little wild to see my little brother performing a wedding.

In the mothership picture, does the color of the suit indicate marital status?

Okay, either his excitement in the cake picture is over something other than getting to eat some of the cake, or the frosting was made by you, or they found some powdered sugar I need to get my hands on. :)

So did Rock make the trip with you or did you guys enjoy a little getaway?

Isaac and Joanna said...

What a handsome Mothership and beautiful bride. Thanks again for sharing these! =)