Saturday, June 20, 2009

Watkins Park

Two weeks ago, it was my distinct pleasure to go to Watkins Park...With the Saladas and the Rohals...
And this cute boy in his daddy's hat.
We started the day by looking at all the cool animals. While he warmed right up to the extremely loud peacocks, Rock didn't know what to make of the turkey.
They don't really mean it when they say "KEEP OFF," do they?
Next, we did the hayride.
It was an excellent opportunity to get our kids back to nature by exposing them to some powerline foliage.
After the hayride, we hit up the train. Will my repaired lens ever be returned from Nikon? In the meantime, so many of my shots were blurry.
Although, in the tradition of tooting ones own horn, I must say I am rather proud of this picture as it captures Rock's wowed-by-the-cool-train-seriousness.
And I took it while holding this sweet baby girl.
That was it for my photog skills that day. As I took this, I thought perhaps I should ask the man in the back to scoot over. Shoulda coulda woulda.
The highlight of the day (for me) was riding with Rock on the carousel. The animals, including the exotic buffalo that Rock mounted, were expertly painted and beautiful.

Rock and Amelie were the only ones on our carousel ride and they loved it!
After an abbreviated pause at the playground swings, everyone was sufficiently tuckered out so we headed home.
Thanks again to the Saladas and Rohals for inviting us out for some good ole exhausting fun in the sun!


Katie said...

We like Watkins Park, too! Luke has been there twice, but we have yet to take Erin. The playground there is something else.

Lynn said...

I think you mean AMELIE and Rock were the only ones on the carousel. Adeline had enough "noisy" moving things for one day....sigh....

We had a blast too. Let's go again!

Christel said...

Geneva now frequently begs -

Mommy I want to watch the movie "Rock Rides a Buffalo... pleeease!"

She would watch it over and over and over and over and over if I let her (usually I try to keep it to three times in a row).