Monday, June 1, 2009

Amelia and Lura

On Wednesday morning we left Will and Christel's apartment and headed into Manhattan to see my friend Amelia.
We lived in the same house for our last two years of college and she just had an adorable baby girl, Lura, who we just had to meet!
Although Rock still wasn't feeling that great, he managed to take a picture of their beautiful apartment.
If you are looking for a good spot for brunch, I highly recommend their apartment. Amelia's food was fantastic and the view from their 56th(?) floor apartment was breathtaking!
While walking back to our car, we stopped at a signal and I noticed the most amazing thing... Looking one direction, I saw a restaurant called ZUNI (this is my sister Susanna's nickname).
Looking the other direction, there was a restaurant called RACHEL'S. Okay so I thought it was cool. In retrospect, I'm just a nerd. Oh well, this part of the post is for you Zuni.


Susanna said...

And I appreciate it! I will have to check out that restaurant the next time I'm in NYC.

Mrs. Fix said...

I thought it was the 58th floor.

Mrs. Fix said...

That last comment was actually posted by Fix (sorry I'm logged in as you). :)

Deb said...

I think that's NEAT! And ZUNI...who would have thunk it?? Hehe.